Royal Pharma Inc. Corporation # 2017109 was founded in Toronto, Canada by Mr. Sohail Feroze on October 15, 2002. Simultaneously an office was established at 2223, Gerrard Street.Toronto, Ontario M4E 2C8, Canada for carrying our all business activities.

About the Director

Mr. Sohail Feroze, Director of the company, has a vast experience in field of Pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing of Hi-Tech Electro Medical Equipments from Japan, U.S.A, Germany, Korea, China etc.,
The Director has acquired wide knowledge and professional experience within long years of working for the international marketing business; having thereby occupied leading positions.

Company Information

Name of the Firm                            :                       Royal Pharma Inc.

Legal Status                                     :                       Corporation

Corporation #                                  :                       2017109

Date of Incorporation                    :                       October 15, 2002

Director                                             :                       Sohail Feroze

Business Address                            :                       2223 Gerrard Street. Toronto Ontario M4E 2C8, Canada

E-mail                                                 :             

URL                                                      :             

Bankers                                              :                       Scotia Bank

Business Number                             :                       85918 8682

Corporation Income Tax               :                       A/c No. 85918 8682 RC0001

GST/Harmonized Sales Tax          :                       A/c No. 85918 8682 RT0001

Official Language for                       :                       English

Business Activities                          :                       Medical supplies and Consultancy Services

Specialized Fields                             :                     Nephrology
                                                                                    Reverse Osmosis Systems
                                                                                    I .V. Solutions
                                                                                    Clinical Nutrition
                                                                                    Food Supplements
                                                                                    Event Management
                                                                                    Consultancy/Service Provider
                                                                                    Health Service Tourism
                                                                                    Software Outsourcing


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