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Manufactured in medical grade PVC, offers the most flexibility to fit the function.

Option of rotatable wings or non-rotating wings, rotatable wings allows easy turning for right direction after puncture.

Arterial/venous needles feature a backeye-forward or non-backeye configuration, prevent turbulence and minimize tissue damage.

Colour coded wings are easy to distinguish gauge size.

Silicone coating to prevent blood coagulation.

Sterilised by EO gas.

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► The extracorporeal blood circuit tubing set consist of two parts, arterial and venous, which are used during dialysis and are attached with fistula and dialzer.

► Soft and non-kinking material avoid increased pressure or unstability in circuit.

► These tubing sets are designed for the patient to connect external system which extracts patient’s blood to the dialyzer.

► For single use only, arterial line in red:venous line in blue; steriled in EO gas.

► Drip chamber of venous line contains filter to prevent clot entering into patient’s vein.

► Drip chamber is relatively smaller for 102 series, O.D. 19mm or 20mm.

► Tubings are manufctured in medical grade PVC.

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► Thermo-sensitive wings, rotatable wings allows easy turning for right direction after puncture.

 ► Thermo-sensitive polyurethane, more comfortable for the patient.

 ► Soft tip reduces the risk of vascular trauma.

 ► High flow rates up to 300 cc/min at low venous pressure.

 ► Optimal positioning of arterial and venous side holes to avoid reciculation.

 ► Radiopaque catheter ensures the correct placement of the catheter tip.

 ► All parts of the catheter are made of the medical TPU except for clamps and suture wings.

 ► The luers and Y hub are made firmly by insert molding to ensure there is no risk of the blood leakage.

 ► Anti-slip clamps designed to help clamping the extension tubes easily and correctly.

 ► Smooth inner catheter chennels to reduce the formation of the turbulence of the blood flow.